Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Carson's rocket


The 6th grade makes a rocket every year and shoot them off. Carson has been so excited, for about 5 weeks solid he has drawn designs, put it together, changes this or that. It seemed like every minute of everyday he had that rocket at the table adjusting something or another.


He had me come to when they set it off. It must have been a big deal because I was one of the only parents there and once I got there his teacher had him do his. Everyone in 6th grade said hello and seemed excited to see me. It seemed like I was everyone' audience.


The first attempt something went wrong, it just flopped over. I think Carson was so devastated. I was sad for him because Carson had worked so hard and part of their grade is if it will lift off, and everyone only gets 1 try. His teacher, Mr. Brough explained that something went wrong with the compressor. The second time Carson's rocket flew really, really high. I don't know for sure how they could tell, but I thought his flew the highest. His teacher said the one before flew just a bit higher. I'm sure it is just mother prejudice, but I thought his flew higher. But Carson's rocket separated and his parachute deployed the best. Most of the ones that flew high didn't have their parachute deploy.

When they were done the teacher said anyone who's parent came gets to launch theirs again, which was only Carson by that time. His 2nd time it even went higher. It was fun to see all the kids come up and congratulate him. Carson was walking on air and so excited.
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